Welcome to my Planetary Image Gallery!

These images are taken with my ToUcam Pro and LX200.   The camera takes a short (~ 2 min.) video, which is pulled apart and stacked in Registax, for further processing.  Images posted  with newest on top.  Details in the image.

11.22.05 - Seeing a little better.  Probably the last of the season.


11.18.05 - After tips on white balance, this version was much better, color wize.  However, the seeing was only marginal.


11.05.05 - After a long layoff from planetary imaging, I tried Mars at it's opposition.  Seeing was average, and I got the color balance all screwed up during capture.  Not a terrible result, but I can do better.


Jupiter 05.25.05 - Seeing was good, I thought, but the images don't bear it out.


Saturn 02/26/05 - My best planetary image ever!


Saturn taken 2/25/05


My first planetary image in almost a year!  Saturn, taken 1/30/05 with my LX200, 2x barlow, and ToUcam at f/20. 




Jupiter from 04/25/04 and 04/26/04

jupiter042604A.jpg (27882 bytes)Jup042504.jpg (24435 bytes)Seeing was much better after a month of nothing, and I got some decent images.  I still haven't nailed it yet, but that may change when I take my stuff to the condo in Tahoe for some imaging!  The first image in this series was shot at a lower magnification, to see if it looked better with the less than great valley seeing conditions.  I think it does.


Images taken 03/22/04

 jupiterPS.jpg (19540 bytes)Seeing was again marginal, but better than the previous day.  The wind was really starting to blow.  The images were not great but show that I am slowly creeping up on some really nice ones.


Venus taken 03/21/04

venus.jpg (7138 bytes)    Seeing was only marginal with poor transparency, clouds coming and going, and wind kicking up.  I couldn't even get a decent Saturn.


Jupiter taken 03/20/04 with my new ToUcam Pro II

jupiter1b.jpg (50150 bytes)    Notice the two moons Io and Ganymede, transiting the planet.  The two dark spots are the shadows of the two moons.


First images taken with my ToUCam Pro II of Jupiter and Saturn

juiter4.jpg (40414 bytes)saturn1c-copy.jpg (55614 bytes)    Not great, but hints of what can be achieved with a little practice and good seeing.


Images taken with my Canon A70

The images are most recent from left to right.

jupiter1k3ccd-copy3.jpg (67943 bytes)jupiter1k3ccd.jpg (27883 bytes)jupiter2web.jpg (52895 bytes)Jupiter-for-web.jpg (106557 bytes)jupiter_moons.jpg (19861 bytes)

Saturn2b.jpg (50647 bytes)saturn22604.jpg (15304 bytes)saturn02web.jpg (27032 bytes)


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