NGC 6960 - The Western Veil Nebula in Ha

A two frame Mosaic of the Emission nebula in Cygnus

This nebula is also known as the Cirrus Nebula and the Witches Broom Nebula

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Optics Celestron 80ED @ f/7.5, guided with an 8" LX200 Classic @ f/5.9
Mount LX200
Camera Starlight Xpress SXV-M7, True-Tech CFW
Filter Astronomik 13mm H-Alpha
Exposure 18 - 10 minute exposures each half of the mosaic
Processing Acquired in AstroArt3, DDP. , final work in Photoshop7
Date 10-10-05 and 10-16-05
Location Elk Grove, CA
Notes Large difference in seeing conditions between the two days imaging the halves of the mosaic.  This caused one side to look softer than the other.  Oh well...