NGC 6888 - The Crescent Nebula

Ha-RGB image of the Planetary nebula in Cygnus,  surrounding a Wolf-Rayet star.

A planetary nebula is a shell of gas that has been shed by a star late in its lifetime.

Mouse Over Image for Ha Only

Magnitude: 10,  Surface Brightness: 15.49,  Dimension: 20'x 10',  RA: 20h 12m 9s, Dec: +38 20' 9"


Optics Celestron 80ED @ f/7.5, guided with an 8" LX200 Classic @ f/5.9
Mount LX200
Camera Starlight Xpress SXV-M7
Filter Astronomik 13mm H-Alpha, Astronomik RGB II, IDAS LPR
Exposure Ha : 21 - 10 minute subs, RGB: 60 min. each, combination of 5 and 8 min. subs.
Processing Acquired in AstroArt3, DDP. , final work in Photoshop7
Date 09-27-05
Location Elk Grove, CA
Notes Seeing and transparency average.