M74 - Spiral Galaxy in Pisces

Magnitude: 9.40,  Surface Brightness: 14.20, Dimension: 10.0'x 9.4' , RA: 1h37m00.67s DE:+1548'45.7"


Optics Meade 8" LX200 Classic @ f/5.9, guided with a Celestron 80ED @ f/7.5
Mount LX200
Camera Starlight Xpress SXV-M7
Filter Astronomik RGB IIC, IDAS LPR light pollution filter
Exposure 18 x 10 min Luminance 1x1, 8 x 6 min each RGB 2x2
Processing Acquired in AstroArt3, Deconvolution, DDP. , final work in Photoshop7
Date 10.05.05
Location Elk Grove, CA
Notes Seeing and transparency below to average.  I am having increased guiding issues, possibly with the extra weight of the CFW.  Not sure what to do, but will continue to work on it.  This object was very soft as a result of the guiding issues and seeing conditions, but still showed more detail and color than my first effort last year with the MX7-C and STAR2000.