M63 - The Sunflower Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici



Optics 8" LX200 Classic @ f/6.3 , guided with a Celestron 80ED @  f/7.5
Mount LX200
Camera Starlight Xpress SXV-M7
Filter Astronomik Type IIC LRGB
Exposure RGB: 75 min each, unbinned w/3 min subs, L : 240 min w/3 min subs, unbinned
Processing Acquired in AstroArt3,  DDP. , final work in Photoshop7
Date 05.16.06, 05.24.06
Location Elk Grove, CA
Notes Seeing and transparency average to poor.  Moderate to light wind.  Blue channel shot last, and either haze or dew caused bloating.