Hickson 44 Galaxy Group in Leo

NGC 3193 (Left), NGC 3190 (Center), and NGC 3187 (Right)


Optics 8" LX200 Classic @ f/5.9
Mount LX200 Classic
Camera Starlight Xpress MX7-C
Filter Baader UV/IR
Exposure 30 - 4 minute exposures
Processing Acquired and processed in AstroArt 3, SGBNR in PixInsight, and finished in Photoshop 7
Date 04.12.05
Location Elk Grove, CA
Notes With the smaller size of the MX7-C chip, I was unable to include the 4th galaxy of this group, NGC 3185.  It was probably too windy to image properly, but I went out anyway.  While I had more tracking spikes due to the wind, the overall guiding was better, after my gear modifications and drift alignment.   Moderate Maximum Entropy Deconvolution was required to reduce elongated stars.