The Cygnus Wall

Ionization front in the "Mexico" region of the North American Nebula, NGC7000, in Ha-SII:Ha:OIII

Other image sizes
1144 x 970


Optics Celestron 80ED @ f/7.5
Mount Losmandy G11/Gemini4
Camera Starlight Xpress SXV-H9
Filter Astronomik Ha (13nm) , OIII, and SII filters
Exposure Ha - 15 x 10' , OIII - 30 x 10' , SII - 25 x 10'
Processing Acquired in AstroArt4,  DDP , final work in Photoshop7.  Combined Ha-SII : Ha : OIII for the color then added back the Ha:SII as Luminance.
Date 09.01.07 - 09.12.07
Location Elk Grove, CA
Notes Seeing and transparency average.  First image with the G11.  Some guiding issues to work out, as well as I think some field curvature.  This caused some slightly elongated stars on the left and right edges of the field.  Some dust motes and misalignment of different night's frames caused me to crop more of the image than normal.